4 continents, 25 cities, 1 dream

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Feb 10, 2005
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4 Continents, 25 Cities, 47 Venues
1 Dream!

There is still time to join in but you need to be quick – check out the cities which are already on board at http://www.geocities.com/pyssedas/crawl_2005 and do it now dudes

If you have already told us that you want to be involved – but haven’t told us where you are drinking please do so asap – at [email protected] - lots of cities have told us they want to be involved but we don’t know where they are drinking yet – so we can’t include them on the t-shirts properly – please let us know – even if it is just your lounge room

Melbourne Australia is currently leading the way with something in the order of 16 venues in their crawl – but this may have to be reduced

As ever please forward details of this to all your boozy mates in other parts of the world – the more far flung the better

Get involved – time is running out – and there are t-shirts involved.