Pennsylvania 1.5 BBL brewery w/ 2- 42 gallon fermenters for sale

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Dec 18, 2007
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Up for sale here is a complete 1.5 BBL gas-fired stainless steel brewery, complete with hardware and stainless steel conical fermenters 2- 42 gallons.
This brewery was built for a documentary film adventure back in 2010, but has seen little use since then. All fittings and valves on the brewery and fermenters are Tri clover sanitary and professional.
This also comes with a 30 plate chiller and march pump to move liquids around. The burners are 32 tip jet type, along with a 12 tip mash tun burner. The fermenters are jacketed for a glycol system with runs on both AC current and DC current, 2 PID's and thermowells help maintain temps.
The stainless stand is in 2 parts for convenience and weight, the Hot Liquor Tank and Mash Tun are on one stand , while the Boil Kettle has it's own stand.

This would be great for a professional brewery's pilot system, a homebrew club's system or a small nano-start up system.

This brewery has some pretty cool history to it, have been taken to the arctic in Canada , and brewed the first of what was a triple award winning ale recipe from 1852. you can google "Arctic Alchemy" for more or visit my website at Hammersmithales dot com . I will also give you a copy of my film if purchased.

1. 55 gallon MASH TUN w/ false bottom ,butterfly gate valve
2. 55 gallon Hot Liquor Tank, butterfly gate valve
3. 55 gallon Boil Kettle, butterfly gate valve
4. Stainless steel tube stand for all three vessels w/ jet burners and LP piping
5. 30 plate chiller
6. Sightglass ,valves and TC fittings, I have hoses , but they should be replaced for your use.
7. 2 - 42 gallon Blichman Fermenters, / Tri Clamp valves and full extension legs.
8. Fermentation control panel with PID's ,switching and glycol pump/coil and plate.

Local pick is preferred, but if you pay for freight that's fine at your cost. I am about 1 hour north of Philadelphia, and about 1 hour to New York City.

Cheers !


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Sep 8, 2010
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I am interested in the brew stand if you go down the path of parting this out. If not, good luck with the sale. Interested in checking out this documentary now.