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  1. teddyearp

    Yeast Nutrient

    Before I found this site, I just used somebody's links to buy some of the 'stuff' I/we use for cider. Now after cruising this site, I've found that there's a few variants for some of these ingredients. The nutrient I ended up with is (and I'll massacre the spelling) Dimonium Phoshphate. Is...
  2. R

    Yeast Nutient substitute for Muscadine Wine

    Newbie here! I'm starting some Muscadine wine. I have crushed muscadine, 8 lb. sugar, 2.5 gal water and 5 crushed Campden tablets in my primary bucket, which shows level at 5.5 gallons. Recipe says add pectic enzyme and yeast nutrient, which I will add after it cools down to room temperature...