Yeast Nutient substitute for Muscadine Wine

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Sep 27, 2019
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Newbie here! I'm starting some Muscadine wine. I have crushed muscadine, 8 lb. sugar, 2.5 gal water and 5 crushed Campden tablets in my primary bucket, which shows level at 5.5 gallons. Recipe says add pectic enzyme and yeast nutrient, which I will add after it cools down to room temperature. I realized I don't have the yeast nutrient!! What can I substitute for it, or would it be alright without it? I live about an hour from the winery where I purchased my yeast and other additives.
Some people will suggest raisins. However, since those are dehydrated grapes.......
if you have some bakers yeast put a tablespoon or two in a small pan with 2-4 oz of water and boil it. Yeast will cannibalize their brethren for nutrition. Not perfect but better than nothing.