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  1. yungalb

    Red IPA yeast suggestion

    Hello everybody. I am thinking of brewing a red IPA, I have my recipe ready but I have not decided which yeast to use yet. I want my beer crystal clear, will use irish moss in the boil and cold crash before bottling. I have a WLP067 Coastal Haze slurry in my fridge, is it possible to make a...
  2. P

    NEIPA Fermentation Schedule (Bottling)

    Hi all, Over the weekend I brewed my first all-extract NEIPA, and have a few questions about fermentation I was hoping to get cleared up. As an overview, I made a 2.5 gallon batch and my brew OG was 1.061 (targeted 1.060) and I pitched ~50 billion cells of WLP067. I had airlock activity...
  3. F

    Anyone brewed with WLP067 ?? need some help

    I was wondering if anyone could help me out with some wlp067 issues. Seems like this yeast likes to over attenuate.