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  1. H

    New Hood Setup!

    Good evening, Thought I'd post a pic of my sweet new hood. Trying to up my brewing game and I couldn't afford a custom or any other stainless hood. The beautiful piece of engineering in the picture is above my Anvil electric kettle. I have yet to do a boil test but the fan seems to evacuate a...
  2. varnerchris

    Brewery Design / Ventilation Advice Needed

    Hey everyone, long time lurker, first time poster! I wanted to get some advice on how to properly vent a basement brewery, or advice on how you might rearrange to make ventilation easier. I have uploaded a few pictures of the current layout (which im not tied to as i have yet to place any...
  3. sharp6

    For Sale $450 obo Elkay VH-42 42x42 Stainless Hood

    $450 obo Elkay stainless hood vh-42. 42x42 stainless hood. Never used, local pickup or will meet someone within a a reasonable distance Will ship if buyer pays for it. Bought the hood a while ago and never used it. This hood is selling for over $1300 dollars on Amazon. Located 30 minutes...
  4. BeerBaron1985

    Vent Hood Build: Questions and Feedback

    Hey All, Since moving to electric, I am now brewing inside. Its supposed to hit 95 F by this Saturday and thats pretty toasty with this humidity. Opposite side of the spectrum winters at its coldest get to -10 F some nights. So far brewing inside this summer, the wort smell SWMBO very much...