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  1. Nikolnikov

    Spike TC Blow-Off Cane Stabilization

    I'm curious if anyone has a recommendation for how to stabilize the TC blow-off cane? I have a butterfly valve connected to the end of mine, but it is incredibly wobbly. I have to hold the cane with one hand while opening/closing the valve, which is no big deal. But, I have been trying to come...
  2. C

    Filtering Hop Pellets from Spike Conical to Keg - Tri Clamp Screen Gasket

    Hi All - I have a Spike CF10 and have been looking for solutions to my kegs/QDs clogging during closed transfers. I dump my pellets in lose and prior to kegging, cold crash at 36F for ~48 hours. I usually do 3 hop dumps throughout the cold crash. I then use a carb stone to carbonate in the...
  3. W

    Tennessee Spike CF5 and SS Brewtech Conicals For Sale

    I have two conicals for sale in the Nashville, TN area. The first conical is a Spike CF5 Conical and the second is a SS Brewtech 7 Gallon. Both are in great condition and function like new. Spike CF5 Conical - $500 OBO Included Accessories: TC100 Temperature Control System, Carb Stone, Gas...
  4. tripleD

    Fermentation Stand for a pair of Spike CF15 Conicals w/ DIY Glycol Chiller

    I have been lurking on here for the better part of a year benefiting from the community's knowledge without sharing any of my own successes / failures. In an attempt to give back a little, I thought I would share my fermentation stand build in the hopes that someone can learn from my mistakes...
  5. Burndog

    Thermowell / Inkbird 308 how to?

    Seting up my Spike conical and wondering if anyone has comments on how to control temps during fermentation. I’m thinking the manual temp gauge is removed and the digital sensor is inserted into the thermowell. Do I need to then pack the opening with some type of putty to isolate the sensor...