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  1. D

    The Quest for the Perfect session NEIPA!

    I have been experimenting for a while now to find a good balance for a seasonable NEIPA. And I will continue doing so. At what ABV would you consider A session NEIPA to be? I'm thinking at least under 5% ABV.
  2. sniak

    Request - Thornbridge AM:PM Session IPA clone (Extract)

    Hello all, I am looking for a clone recipe for Thornbridge's AM : PM Session IPA clone (Extract). My searches only turned up clone recipes for their Jaipur English IPA. I know from their label that they use: Malts - Maris Otter / Munich / Crystal Hops - Ella / Citra / Nelson Sauvin / Amarillo...
  3. P

    Session IPA Conversion to Partial Mash

    I'm trying to convert an AG Session IPA recipe to a partial mash recipe because I'm brewing on the stovetop. I found this recipe on hbt: https://www.homebrewtalk.com/forum/threads/purring-kitten-session-ipa.361175/page-2#post-5552660 I'm trying to convert it to Partial Mash and keep it to...