safale s-04 yeast

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  1. K

    getting rid of the smell in a smart way

    I'll start from the beginning. I have a conical tank and a brite tank. Both have been sanitized to perfection. Transferred unpasteurized apple juice to the conical tank, added around 80g of K-meta to my 800 liter juice, a few hours later added the required DAP. Next day, pitched Safale S-04...
  2. Kalaloch

    Safale S-04 yeast slow fermentation

    Sorry This is a Yeast & Hard Ginger Beer question, I didn’t see a forum for that. I did a hard ginger beer (5 gallons) with Safale S-04 yeast and used 5.5 lbs of granulated sugar. The OG was 1.080 and now 20 days later it is only at 1.032. It’s been fermenting at approx. 65-68 degrees. I also...