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  1. BilltownBrewingCo

    Voss Kveik

    Hey all! I am looking to build a recipe around some VK that i will have saved after I rack my current raspberry wheat and save it. I have done some reading, and I'm not sure I want to do the full blown juniper berry norweigian farmhouse ale, and I've got some WLP007 that I can do any PA or...
  2. MaxTheSpy

    Peach Mango

    Hello Everyone! I brewed a Peach Mango mead for the first time, I've brewed tonnes of other meads before but never Peach and Mango. I tried it for the first time and its about 10% ABV Right now and is absolutely delicious. I thought I would share my Recipe with you all. It makes 1 gallon...
  3. T

    Critique? Belgian Saison Partial Mash

    Trying to keep as close to the style as possible. Added a little acidulated malt for flavor rather than PH. I have been using Deathbrewers stovetop partial mash method. Mash at 155 for 45 min. Sparge at 170 for 20. This gave me a 75% efficiency last time, but set this up at 70 for good luck...