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  1. bradleypariah

    Adding squash to mash didn't work. Looking for future advice.

    I wanted to make an odd beer, something like a fall-friendly pale ale, but not a pumpkin or pumpkin spice beer. I just wanted the malt backbone a bit sweeter. Recipe was: 84% Vienna malt 7% flaked barley 5% acidulated malt 4% 60L Added to the mash: 1 tsp calcium chloride 1 tsp gypsum 1.5...
  2. W

    Winter Ale Recipes

    The last of the Jack-O-Lanterns have been carved, lit, admired, left out to go soft, and been discarded like so many before. Halloween costumes go back in the box, the box goes back in the attic, and our minds turn to the cozier side of Autumn - baked goods, sweaters, hot cocoa, and best of all...
  3. Gallagher1424

    Imperial Pumpkin Milk Stout Critique

    This is my first time making a milk stout, and using pumpkin. I'm not sure what to expect if this will end up being too sickeningly sweet or if it will hit the money just being slightly sweet. Anyone out there make something similar in the past? (I plan to roast the pumpkin first and then put...
  4. Crashlaz

    Pumpkin in a wheat beer?

    putting together a recipe for a pumpkin wheat beer. i have read so much about this debate on canned pumpkin/real pumpkin/pumpkin pie filling but still need some answers. i am wondering whats the best approach, to mash it, boil it, or add to fermentor. i have looked at many recipes and some show...
  5. S

    How to properly added pumpkin pie spice

    I’m brewing a pumpkin beer and plan on adding some pumpkin pie spice during secondary fermentation. I’ve never added a spice or anything other than sealed packages of hops directly to the carboys during fermentation. Is there anything I need to do to the actual spice to prevent contamination or...
  6. lorne17

    When to add Pumpkin Purée?

    hello all, I am brewing Smashing Pumpkin from Northern Brewer this week and I have purchased an extra 2lbs of 6-Row and a large can of Pumpkin purée. I plan to roast the purée and add to the boil. However, I’m not sure when I should add it to the boil and when I should add the 6-row? Any ideas...
  7. H

    Sour Pumpkin in a Pumpkin

    Looking for any feedback from anyone who may have done this or something similar. I will be making a sour soon with some pumpkin and placing this into a 50lb pumpkin I just picked up. I plan to prep the brewed pumpkin by roasting in over and adding at the end of the boil. The vessel pumpkin...
  8. K

    Fall’s Here; Pumpkin Beer

    Pumpkin Spiced Amber Ale I know, it’s a little late but fall comes late in Southern California. Work asked me to brew a fall beer for a little get together so this is more of an attempt to appease the masses than have 5+ gallons of a PSL beer on hand. Here it is: OG- 1.052 FG- 1.016 ABV- 4.8%...
  9. V

    Base For a Pumpkin Beer

    I wanted to do a Pumpkin Ale using my Pico but they don't offer any such packs. Whats a good base beer (style) for a Pumpkin Ale that I can just add the flavorings to the keg?
  10. rkhanso

    Beer Meister Pumpkin Extract kit - questions about my brew

    I made a Beer Meister Pumpkin Ale extract kit. I put the recipe into Brew Target. I hit the recipe's Original Gravity at 1.056. There were a lot of pumpkin solids in the sample. Does that give incorrect readings for the OG? Here's the main issue I ran into: I bottled today and the final...
  11. adamhimself

    Creating a Imperial Pumpkin Stout

    Alright guys. So, I may be a little out of my league here, but this is where you guys come in... in helping me learn and make sure I don't screw up. I am wanting to recreate a certain beer. It is more seasonal for around October, as it contains pumpkins, but I want to take a stab at it now so...