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  1. TVarmy

    Five Gallon Carboy - Is it good for secondary?

    I bought a carboy from my LHBS that I thought was 6 gallons but which was actually 5 gallons, which I'm currently using for apfelwein. It's been a few weeks, and since I've used it, I'm a bit too embarrassed to take it back and swap it for a 6 or 6.5 gal carboy for when I try beermaking. I...
  2. B

    Questions about transferring my primary fermenter during fermantation

    I brewed a batch at a friends house on Saturday afternoon and it's currently fermenting. It's my first high gravity beer and it has a really active fermentation...I had to use a blow off tube and it's bubbling non-stop. I'm heading home tomorrow morning and have a 2 hour drive. So I suppose I...