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  1. P

    For Sale Picobrew Zymatic 600$

    I am selling my fully functional Zymatic automated brew system for 600$, which includes everything you need to brew beer. This does include a raspberry pi and upgraded glycol reservoir. Local pickup Location: Folsom, CA
  2. J

    For Sale FS: Picobrew Z2 (SF Bay Area, CA)

    Hi all, I have a lightly used PicoBrew Z2 setup (consisting of 2x PicoBrew Z units) that I no longer use (I'm not brewing these days) and wanted to get it into a home that would make good use of it. Each PicoBrew Z unit is capable of producing 2.5 gallons of beer, and you can use them in...
  3. KMPhilipps

    Zymatic first edition

    Selling my Zymatic for $750 without keg. I have not used it in a few years. Not interested any longer.
  4. johnbr

    Pico Brew Zymatic For Sale - Needs Repair - $450 or Best Offer

    This Zymatic has been brewed on one time. My asking price is $450 but will entertain best offers. Last week I tried to do a second brew and have been repeatedly getting error #1 code. I bought the Zymatic new in this forum in November 2018 on this thread: Minnesota - PicoBrew Zymatic - new...
  5. S

    The CornyPillar - Keg Immersion Chiller

    This is in great conditions and works incredibly well. Perfect for those who brew on a Picobrew Zymatic, Z, etc. Asking $80 (includes shipping to CONUS). https://jadedbrewing.com/collections/frontpage/products/the-cornypillar
  6. 2busy2brew

    Brand New, In Box - PicoBrew Zymatic - $900 obo

    EDITED 8/16: SOLD, NO LONGER AVAILABLE Offered here is the Picobrew flagship product, the Zymatic. This is brand new and never used. I took it out of the box for pictures only. All original accessories are included, as shown, including the keg and keg sleeve required to operate the device...
  7. J

    Picobrew Z For Sale

    Hi All I have a slightly used Picobrew Z for sale. Frisco TX (Dallas). Asking $2000. Comes with extras including extra 5 gal corny. pickup only for now.
  8. S

    Benefits and Disadvantages of Single Vessel Brewing Systems

    Not every homebrewer is a die-hard Do-It-Yourselfer. I mean sure, most of us feel the call occasionally – it’s probably the same brain wiring that makes us want to brew beer instead of buying it at the store. But there’s a big difference between screwing a bulkhead into a cooler, and that guy in...
  9. B

    Picobrew Z2

    I have a Picobrew Z2 that I purchased about six months ago. I bought it so that I would have an option to brew indoors. But I have since really slow down on brewing beer lately and barely use it. It works excellent and have had no issues. Also very surprisingly customer support for these things...
  10. V

    Ohio Pico Brew Zymatic

    We are selling this unit as we have sold the facility. We only used about 6 times. We purchased new in 2016 for $2,000. It includes 2 5 gallon brew kegs and extra components. Asking only $750. It can be picked up in Celina Ohio or we can ship. Email if interested. [email protected]
  11. EthenWithAnE

    Virginia Picobrew Zymatic for Sale

    Selling my trusty Zymatic ($1200, does not include shipping) so that I can upgrade to a larger size home-brew system! This machine has worked great for me with no errors throughout the life of the machine. Purchased in late 2016 for ~$2k (current model is ~$2500) and have brewed on it 30ish...
  12. P


    I purchased a Picobrew Z2 System and only need one unit. I have one Z1 unit never been powered up or used for sale. I will ship anywhere at buyers expense and will only charge my cost for shipping. We can skid and ship as well for better deals. Price for this Z1 is $1,500.
  13. S

    New Jersey Picobrew Zymatic (original)

    I'm selling a used Picobrew Zymatic. It includes a brand new step filter, 5 gallon corny keg, & all the accessories that came with it. To be honest, this would be a good unit for someone familiar with the zymatic or looking for a backup, or for replacement parts. It works but has its quirks...
  14. S

    New Jersey Pico Brew Z1

    Picobrew Z1 For Sale - $1,600 + shipping or best offer. Great condition, used 4 times. Everything's included Z1, Step Filter, Hop cages, 5 Gallon Corny keg, etc, etc, etc. https://www.picobrew.com/Store/products/z.cshtml I'll post pics later tonight.
  15. J

    New York PicoBrew: PicoFerms $40/ea

    I have 4 barely used PicoBrew: PicoFerms. Ball lock included $40/ea + shipping Contact me at Justin [at] Scott {dot} org
  16. J

    New York Pico C Machine For Sale - $100

    For sale is the PicoBrew-C appliance and StepFilter only. No kegs or accessories are included. The reason I’m selling is I simply wound up with two appliances. This machine works well and is practically brand new. Photo of actual unit for sale brewing beer last week: Asking $100 OBO plus...
  17. K

    Michigan Picobrew Zymatic for Sale - Automated brewing appliance $700

    I'm selling my much loved Picobrew Zymatic. This is the best appliance out there for true hands-off and repeatable brews. Never miss a temperature zone or hop addition time again! The device has been used and well cared for. This appliance will automate the wort making process of brewing and I...
  18. A

    Oregon Picobrew Zymatic

    im selling my picobrew zymatic. defiantly a cool machine but i enjoy the process more than the end product. im in Eugene Oregon. looking to get $1200. prefer not to ship. ive used it 4 times and the guy i got it from used it about the same. works great but like i said i enjoy the nuances of...
  19. Schmitzter

    Zymatic Picobrew

    Lightly used. Prefer local sale or buyer pays for shipping. Willing to deliver to Louisville or Cincinnati for a small fee. PicoBrew Zymatic® is the world's first all-grain, compact, beer-brewing appliance that makes it easy and efficient to create commercial-quality craft beer with...
  20. W

    Connecticut Picobrew Zymatic, PicoPro, PicoStill and lots of extras for sale - CT/New England only

    I am selling off my Picobrew stuff as I got some bigger equipment for my brewery. Picobrew Zymatic bought in 2016, did about 22 brews on it from looking at my history. Taken good care of it. The PicoPro was part of one of their kickstarters in 2017. The Picostill came in 2018 and I've only...