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  1. D

    Dark coloured bubbles on top - mold or fine?

    I'm trying to ferment a jug of grape juice with fleischmanns bread yeast. A very thick layer of bubbles formed on top of it after a couple hours, but the top half of said bubble layer is a very dark purple. The drink itself is kinda that same colour, but I still worry that it might be mold...
  2. internn

    Help. Is my scoby moldy?

    Hi. Just now my big batch of kombucha has finished and I was about to pour it in bottles for the second fermentation when I noticed that the bottom of my scoby is very strange. I tried to search for pictures online to see whether it counts as moldy or not, but I did not find a clear answer...
  3. C

    Mold Floating

    Hello, I have had one successful batch of beer (a pilsner) and it was, well, a pilsner-not really aromatic or "different", so my buddies and I wanted to try something different. We tried an IPA. Where I am coming from (my frustration): This is the second damn time I have lost a batch of...