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  1. eomeyers

    Texas Houston - Sabco Brew Magic V350MS (2014), Blichmann 14gal Fermenator, all tri clamp fittings, stand up freezer w/digital controller. $5000 pickup only

    Fermenator fits perfectly inside standup freezer for spot on fermentation temps. 5k includes Blichmann Therminator (& homemade backflow cleaning valve arrangement) & march pump. Got married, had kids, no time to brew anymore... various other equipment available, make me an offer: Tri tap...
  2. B

    California Morebeer Digital Tippy Dump plus tons of kegging, temperature control, lab equipment, pumps

    Hey everyone! Long time reader, first time poster so take it easy on me here... I moved and unfortunately I have to get rid of all my brewing gear. I am posting a few pictures below and there is a ton of odds and ends that I am willing to include with relevant hardware purchases. It just...
  3. Gregory T

    Pump mount

    I just bought my first brew pump and am wondering if I need to mount it to something? I can find plenty of info about mounting to a brew stand, however this pump will be sitting on the ground. I can’t really find anything about that. I certainly don’t want to turn on a brand new March pump...
  4. serum67

    California Chugger Pump (Stainless) - NEW - $75 Shipped!

    Brand new, never used SS Chugger pump. BNIB. $75 Shipped! (US Only).
  5. serum67

    March Pumps, Temp Controllers + More

    Hello All, Please see the items at the link below with prices. Shipping will be USPS Flat Rate. Items: - 1x Chugger Pump w/ Stainless Head - 1x March Pump - Cam Locks - Various Auber Temp Controllers - Johnson Controls A419 - 2x 23 tip jet burners
  6. H

    All grain set up

    i have a pretty basic all grain set up. 2 converted keggles, one converted gatorade cooler to mashtun. brand new march pump. Couple of cornies and a bunch of odds and ends. Located in Allentown Pa. Would prefer not to ship and would like to sell as a whole. looking to get like 500. Im not...
  7. B-Dub

    California March 809 Pump $75

    All, I am selling off my second pump. Now that I am only brewing one batch per brew day I no longer require two. I am in the San Luis Obispo area of the central coast. Reply through the craigslist ad if interested...
  8. AlchemyBrewing

    Brew Day Disaster!

    It was supposed to be the first batch of beer my wife and I brewed in 8 years. It was supposed to be perfect. Instead it was the Brew day from hell. I open up the discussion to allow for tips, tricks, and general scorn of my lack of skills. Problem 1. The east starter (WL California...