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  1. M

    Using Liquid Yeast

    Hi, I am using American East Coast Ale Yeast and it says to leave it out at room temperature a few hours before I use it. I also see they show directions for rehydration procedure on the back of the package. Right now its pretty solid as its been in the fridge for a while. Do I need to...
  2. letsallgoforasoda

    Has any one used liquid yeast to make rootbeer.

    please bare with me I have no home brew experience outside of soda I have been naturally carbonating Root beer for a month or so now. I'm wondering if anyone has any input on using liquid ale yeast? I seem to have a more sediment in the bottom of the 16oz ez tops I use. All the recipes I have...
  3. C

    First Time Brewing from Scratch, think I got everything down except super confused about yeast

    Hello everyone, first time (extract) brewer here so be gentle please haha. I have spent the past month getting every little bit of science down for a high gravity blueberry ale (5 gallon batch) I've wanted to make, I am ready to brew on wednesday but I'm still honestly having trouble...
  4. A

    Culturing Liquid Yeast to be GF

    Hey all, I was recently diagnosed with Celiacs and was curious if anyone has ever successfully cultured liquid yeast to be GF? Pre-diagnosis I was an avid homebrewer and loved to brew hazy IPAs so I'm looking to culture WY-1318 (London Ale III) to use with all GF grains. If not, has anyone...
  5. A

    How to determine if my Starter has enough cells?

    Greetings, My first post ahead of my first attempt at all grain. I have 2 packets of white labs liquid yeast (WLP830) delivered next day, but they were at room temperature for 2 days before I was able to get them into my fridge. The packaging date was 24-JAN-18, so as of this post they are...
  6. T

    Expired Yeast Taste & Smell

    I've seen multiple posts that expired yeast can still be good past its expiration date, but not too many on how the yeast should taste and smell. What should healthy yeast smell and taste like, and how to know if its gone bad? I have 2 packages of the white labs purepitch yeast, packaged mar...
  7. TheCrowsNest

    Liquid Yeast v. Dry Yeast

    I was originally told to cough up the extra dough for liquid yeast but my LHBS recently explained that Wyeast only has ~100 billion cells when you really need between 200-250 billion. Is this an accurate statement? For the purposes of a home-brewer, what is better? What about for commercial...