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    Need Some Advice

    So I did a 3 gallon batch last night in a 5 gallon corny (to ferment) and am a little worried about a few things. 1. This is my first time rehydrating yeast - I made sure to use sterile water put the yeast in it at 86F let sit 15 min then stired, then poured once within 10F of the wort, which...
  2. I

    Yeast made a think mat out of trub

    I'm in the process of fermenting an AG batch and was a little impatient with my attempts at seperating the trub before siphoning to my primary... I chilled the wort with my newly made IC down to about 60 degF (just under 5 minutes) and then got a good whirlpool going with a spoon. I haven't...