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  1. B

    Open Fermentation Too Hot Too Fast Wyeast 3787

    Brewed a Belgian Patersbier the other day with an OG of 1.052. Build a starter with Wyeast 3787 the week before on a stirplate---crashed for 4-5 days and decanted on brew day. Pitched the yeast in 68 degree wort and placed fermenter in my chamber, lid off. But I forgot to turn the fridge on...
  2. HemanBrew

    Dry Malt Extract - > hot water ?

    Hi. I'm making wort by steeping some Malt and using dry Malt extract. After steeping, can I just add boiled hot water and add the dry Malt Extract. Or is there a reason I need to add cold water before extract and then turn the heat up? Let me ask this way: Does dry Malt Extract have to be...
  3. kh54s10

    Southern hops growers - heat tolerant hop varieties?

    I live in east coast central Florida. I am thinking of starting 2 or 3 varieties of hops. From those of you that have grown hops in a hot climate, what has worked? Which to avoid? I see that Cascade is heat and alkaline tolerant and one of my favorites so that might be one. Suggestions?
  4. O

    Bottling in Tropical Country

    Hi Everyone, I live in Singapore. Over there the ambient temperature is fairly constant at around 27deg C. I am currently finishing to brew a Californian Pale Ale (It was a close of Sierra Nevada pale ale, using Whitelab yeast). My fermentation temperature has been 22deg C. Also I am not very...
  5. D

    Drinking Finished Product Kombucha Refrigerated cold, room temp, or heated

    Hi, I am looking for information on drinking Kombucha warm vs cold. I have been drinking it room temperature mostly, sometimes refrigerated. Can it maintain all the benefits after microwaving it to drink it like a hot tea? Thanks