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hop spider

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  1. B

    Hop Filter Necessary with CFC?

    I am almost done with a 10 gallon eBIAB build, and I am wondering if I need to use a hop spider or not. I own one of the stainless mesh baskets that hang from the side of the kettle, but I would have to modify it to be able to keep my lid on for my steam condenser. I have only once had issues...
  2. B

    Hop filter solution for eBIAB

    Trying to figure out what to do with my stainless mesh hop basket when I complete my eBIAB build. I need it, as my CFC is only 1/4" ID. I will be utilizing a steam condenser during the boil, so I cannot hang it from the side of the kettle, as the lid needs to seal tightly. I know people use JB...
  3. Fibonacci_01123581321

    Big Mouth Bubbler Depth Charge doubles as a hop spider!!!

    The Depth Charge is a product made for Big Mouth Bubbler fermenters for dry hopping or other additions. The fine mesh screen does a great job of keeping the finest of particles out of your beer, making siphoning/raking a much easier process. The mesh screen highly resembles a hop spider, which...
  4. F

    Kansas Various supplies; carboys, electric supplies, cold plate, hop spider...

    Was going through my supplies and have the following extras available for sale. 2x 6 gallon glass carboys- $30 each 4x 1 gallon glass carboys- $5 each Stainless steel hop spider- $10 2 product 8x12 cold plate for a jockey box brand new- $60 Electric plugs for electric brewery builds -3x L14-30P...