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    $150 Counterflow Chiller, Pump, high temp hoses

    Homemade counter flow chiller along with high temp pump, silicone hosing and stainless quick connects. Also have some additonal valves and such available happy to discuss if you’d like to include with chiller and such. Chiller is made from a hot water hose on the outside, copper tubing and...
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    Open Fermentation Too Hot Too Fast Wyeast 3787

    Brewed a Belgian Patersbier the other day with an OG of 1.052. Build a starter with Wyeast 3787 the week before on a stirplate---crashed for 4-5 days and decanted on brew day. Pitched the yeast in 68 degree wort and placed fermenter in my chamber, lid off. But I forgot to turn the fridge on...