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    Taking Draft Homebrew on the Road: Your Options Compared

    Some people bottle, some keg, and some do both. Sometimes there are styles that steer you towards one medium or the other. But sometimes you keg because you just can’t stand the bottling process. That’s all fine and good, and you feel quite content in your decision to avoid bottle cleaning and...
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    You're Running out of Time - Enter the Giveaway Now!

    If you haven't already joined the HomeBrewTalk Big Giveaway you need to now. You're running out of time to get entered and you don't want to miss out on this amazing opportunity to take home some top dollar prizes. Our very generous participating sponsors have donated so much it's unbelievable...
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    Growler for JAOM

    So I'm putting together half gallon JAOM kits for the four guys in my family. I could do full gallon, but most are only moderately interested, and I think the growler makes for a cool presentation. Anyone see any issues? There's no carbonation so the force shouldn't be enough to explode it...
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    HomeBrewTalk Growlers

    I just got the growlers and these things are awesome! 64 oz, printed front and back with the HomeBrewTalk logo, follow this link now to purchase yours!