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If you haven't already joined the HomeBrewTalk Big Giveaway you need to now. You're running out of time to get entered and you don't want to miss out on this amazing opportunity to take home some top dollar prizes.
Our very generous participating sponsors have donated so much it's unbelievable.

Control Panel Package with Your Choice of Element from Electric Brewing Supply. Chillzilla Counterflow Wort Chiller and Blichmann BoilCoil (2 winners) from Great Fermentations. The JaDeD Cyclone Cleanable Counterflow Chiller(3 winners) from JaDeD Brewing. FastFerment Kit with Accessories,FastFerment Kit, FastRack Beer Combo, FastRack Wine Combo, FastLabel Combo Pack (5 winners) from FastFerment,FastRack,and FastLabel. Full weldless Mash Tun Conversion with Sparge Assembly,false bottom, Ball Valve, Dip Tube, ultimate Mash Paddle,Silicone Tubing and Cam Locks... the entire system! (1 winner) from NorCal Brewing Solutions. Carboy Cleaner, Keg Cleaner,2 Replacement Pads and 6 Ultra Clean Packs (2 winners)from Carboy Cleaner. Membership to one of the Homebrew Academy's Online Brewing Courses:(3) Batch 1 and Beyond,(3) The All-Grain Blueprint (6 winners) from the HomeBrew Academy. 4 Fermentation Coolers (4 winners) from Cool Brewing. (1) $150 Gift Card and Two $50 Gift Cards (3 winners) from BottleMark. Three Custom Mash Paddles (3 winners) from All Grain Brewing - Mashing Kit (1 winner) Coldbreak Brewing. $150 Gift Certificate (1 winner) from The Grape and Granary. 5 Gallon Rubber Handle Keg,Kegconnection T-shirt,Kegconnection Bottle Opener,Kegconnection Glass(1 winner) from Kegconnection. Three BIAB Grand Slam Packages (3 winners) from wilserbrewer. STC-1000 + Pre-assembled Temperature Controller (1 winner) from BrewsBySmith. 1-Year Supply of Recipe Kits (1 winner) Monster Brew. Two $50 Gift Certificates (2 winners)from Beer Cling. 5 Supporting Memberships (5 winners)from Brewer's Friend.
If you just said "Wow" you're not alone. Every time I go through the list of donations I'm floored by the generosity of these sponsors.
Here's a link to go sign up for the giveaway. Forum entry is limited to members who choose to support the community at any level but of course we're more than happy to accept your mail in entry. If you would like our address please scroll to the bottom of the first post in the giveaway thread, or contact me directly and I'll respond with our address.
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Regardless of whether you choose to support the community, enter the giveaways, buy a shirt, or just participate in I'm extremely appreciative to everyone who makes HomeBrewTalk their home online. At the end of the day we're all better brewers and we have each other to thank for that.
From our Sponsors, and everyone at we wish you luck in the drawing and appreciate your support!