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  1. H

    Long fermentation

    I've been fermenting Imperial Stout for two weeks. But something urgent has come up and I have to let this go for two months. Is this going to ruin the beer?
  2. Washington_Brewologist

    A couple of options... Need some advice. Pictures included!

    I want to start by saying that I'm in the process of getting a fridge big enough so that I can get on board with this whole temperature controlled fermentation thing. My last 4 or 5 beers have been good, but I feel like the subtle off flavors that I pick up can only be due to my: Set it in the...
  3. Scotty B

    Converted 1/2 workbench in shed

    This is my first "post," not sure I'm doing it right and can't figure out the picture posting (tried uploading, tried linking ... I'll figure it out)... I'm sure there's already a thread for this, but I looked, and I'm lazy, so I didn't look hard. One of the reasons I got back into brewing was...