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  1. The Barking Dog

    New to HomebrewTalk from Houston, TX

    Howdy y'all, Been homebrewing since Easter of 2019. I am a part of the Bay Area Mashtronauts local homebrew club. My system consists of a BIAB keggle bottom drain, Grounded Brewtech panel, and 2 counterflow chillers tubed in series. My fermentation chamber is just an old top/bottom...
  2. marlinmatt

    For Sale Kegerator setup

    All the hardware for converting you garage fridge to a two corny kegerator! Only lacking a regulator, (see my other listings for options!) Chalkboards for jotting down what's on tap, two handmade handles to replace the ugly ones on that old fridge, a drip tray with drain, extra coupler for a...
  3. P

    European style faucets - how to connect to standard shank?

    Hello all, I am hoping to tap into the collective knowledge (pun intended) for this issue I am having with my keezer build: I picked up several Celli european style faucets, and the flow control mechanism ends in an elongated cone (I am attaching photos). With this cone I am having trouble...
  4. javert

    Are there pressure regulating faucets? If not, does that mean mini kegs are intrinsically flawed?

    I'm already familiar the concept of balancing the pressure from the keg with the resistance of the beer line (both lenght and height). What comes to mind is why there are not beer faucets with the ability to increase or reduce resistance with a valve and instead we seem to be forced to tailor...