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  1. frankvw

    Brewing with additional apha amylase - how much to use?

    Hi everyone, I'm experimenting with alpha amylase to increase the fermentability of malt extracts by breaking down some of the complex sugars and other hard-to-ferment components. So far I've managed to get a DME that otherwise won't go below 1.014 all the way down to 1.006 over the course of...
  2. D

    Adding pectin enzyme to a perry?

    getting ready to make a pear cider/perry. I’m using organic pasteurized pear juice, and plan to add some brown sugar and cane sugar for a caramelized type flavor and to bump the OG a bit(I’m aiming for a high-ABV cider, something in the 10% range so it’ll have to be around 1.100 roughly). I will...
  3. frankvw

    How do low-temperature enzymes survive kilning?

    As I understand it (I may be wrong) the lower the temperature at which an enzyme works, the lower the temperature at which it is denatured. Beta-glucanase, protease and peptidase, to name a few, work at fairly low temperatures, and when you mash at regular saccharification temperatures these...