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  1. M

    Extract, Final gravity and Amalyse

    Hey all. I prefer all grain brewing but am limited on time. Starting up extract again. I’ve been less than satisfied with my last few extract batches though, both because of final gravity. Not a fan of sweet beers. (Light lager finished at 1.015 and RIS at 1.042) One thought I had was to add...
  2. frankvw

    Brewing with additional apha amylase - how much to use?

    Hi everyone, I'm experimenting with alpha amylase to increase the fermentability of malt extracts by breaking down some of the complex sugars and other hard-to-ferment components. So far I've managed to get a DME that otherwise won't go below 1.014 all the way down to 1.006 over the course of...
  3. D

    Adding pectin enzyme to a perry?

    getting ready to make a pear cider/perry. I’m using organic pasteurized pear juice, and plan to add some brown sugar and cane sugar for a caramelized type flavor and to bump the OG a bit(I’m aiming for a high-ABV cider, something in the 10% range so it’ll have to be around 1.100 roughly). I will...
  4. frankvw

    How do low-temperature enzymes survive kilning?

    As I understand it (I may be wrong) the lower the temperature at which an enzyme works, the lower the temperature at which it is denatured. Beta-glucanase, protease and peptidase, to name a few, work at fairly low temperatures, and when you mash at regular saccharification temperatures these...