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  1. S

    First BIAB - I screwed almost everything up and was 20 gravity points out

    I've done a few partial mash kits that have turned out OK but today I did my first BIAB with a DIPA kit that included 7kg of grain. The recipe called for 17L strike water and 17L sparge water. I had to use about 30L of strike water as there were lumps due to how thick the mash was. I thought I...
  2. A

    Multiple trub dumps from conical, lots of beer loss

    I've searched quite a bit to find an answer to my dilemma and am not finding what I'm looking for, so here goes. I recently upgraded from carboys and buckets to an SS Brewtech Chronical fementor for all the obvious, beneficial reasons. My first brew in it is a Wee Heavy. I used 20 lbs of grain...
  3. P

    Did I ruin this?

    So I was making a stout at 15 minutes before burn out I was to add 1/2 oz of kent goldings. I accidentally pitched in 1/2 oz of northern brewer. When I noticed my mistake I added the kent in too. The question is - What can I expect? Should I expect to need to dump this beer? I know this...
  4. mwilliams72707

    How Long is too Long??

    I brewed a Dunkelweizen a at the tail end of October. I'm sure I did everything right until bottling... It was moved into a secondary fermenter after a week or so in the primary fermentor, only I STILL HAVEN"T Bottled it!!!... Is it bad... It looks fine... hasn't been exposed to light. I don't...