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Mar 29, 2010
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So I was making a stout at 15 minutes before burn out I was to add 1/2 oz of kent goldings. I accidentally pitched in 1/2 oz of northern brewer. When I noticed my mistake I added the kent in too.

The question is - What can I expect? Should I expect to need to dump this beer? I know this won't be bad like bud - but will it be just normal bad?
You should expect to dump it... right down your throat after you ferment it and bottle/keg it.

It's fine, slightly hoppy aroma and flavour for a stout, but whatever.
1/2 ounce? You'll be fine. In fact, I think northern brewer would be nice in a stout. You didn't add enough to screw anything up.
if it makes a difference it was a 5gal full boil - at that time had probs about 5.5 or so in the kettle.

It's comforting to hear that I'll be dumping it down my throat! I was so pissed off at myself for making such a newb error at the time.
It will probably be fine. I can't see you having to dump it.

Did you forget to add northern brewer in somewhere else? Or did you just have extra lying around?

There will be a little more bitterness a bit more hop flavour and a little aroma.


It will be totally fine, you might not even notice the difference. The extra 1/2 oz of Northern Brewer at 15 minutes will add maybe 5 IBUs (which is a small amount of hop bitterness) and a touch more hop flavor (the NB will add sort of a woody note which I think will be nice).
Affirmative - had a pack of that stuff in the freezer left over from another brew (an IPA)- when T-15 hit I grabbed the packet in there and completely forgot to check the name on it.

Suffice it to say I'll be double checking these things now a days.

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