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  1. F

    For Sale Cooler All - Grain setup and other equipment

    Almost everything you need to move from extract to all-grain. Cooler MLT w/ false bottom and sparge arm Cooler HLT Steelhead transfer pump (plus a 2nd which needs some wiring repair) Copper coil chiller Four (4) corny kegs Three (3) PET carboys One (1) glass carboy Two stage temp controller...
  2. M

    Ohio Electric Keggle, Control Panel, MT, Plate Chiller

    I'm selling most of my hot side equipment in attempt to simplify. I'm keeping everything together for now, pick up only. I'll part out if it doesn't sell in two weeks. - Keggle with welded fittings in the bottom and one weldless towards the top that I used for a steam condenser. 5500 watt...
  3. stone1ipa

    Equipment needed for cold fermentation

    My current setup is BIAB five gallon batches and ferment in glass carboys. Like many others here, the summer months get warm and I am looking for a way to have temperature controlled equipment. I am all about convenience so Im looking to upgrade from the Plastic Ice bath methods many use here...
  4. tch330

    1 BBL Stout Brewhouse, NEW 100 Amp 4 element brewery controller, 1 BBL FV with True GDM26 cooler

    All items listed included for $4700 1 BBL Stout Brewhouse 40 Gallon Hot Liquor Tank with HERMS Coil and Sight Glass HL40TW-HC (376) 40 Gallon Mash Tun with False Bottom and Bottom Outlet SKU MT40TW-RF-BO 45 Gallon Brew Kettle with Tangential Inlet and Sight Glass SKU BK45TW-TI-SG 3x 1.5" TC...
  5. pancholozano

    Pancho's Keg Kooler Video Interview

    Check out the interview from Short Circuited Brewers. There is a 15% off code.
  6. pancholozano

    Father's Day Special

    Are you still serving your beer in a half-butt dispensing system? Don’t be that guy! Serve your beer in style! You no longer have to mess with jockey boxes, or rather, let the jockey box mess with you. Pancho’s Keg Kooler™ (patent pending) is the preferred method for dispensing your home-made...
  7. M

    Non-peltier immersion fermentor chillers

    Living in a small apartment with a girlfriend has me racing for ideas on how to chill a fermentor. A freezer is so far away no an option. Even a son of fermentation chamber would be trouble. Seeing the brew jacket makes me excited, but the cost is crazy. Especially in Canadian dollars. The speed...
  8. mr_stout

    Fermentation Cooling Less Than $10 Dollars! OMG!

    Looking into fermentation cooling I noticed that many options are quite costly. Brew Bucket = $$$ (Big Money) Grainfather = $$$ (Expensive) Glycol chillers = $$$ (Costly and complicated - No way Jose) Brew Jacket = $$$ (Whoa, I'll have to save up a long time for this one) Runnig air conditioner...
  9. S

    Need help with mash tun!!!

    Hello all, I purchased an Igloo Marine 48 qt. cooler a couple of days ago to convert into a mash tun. I completed it today and decided to give it a whirl. I heated up some water and placed it in the cooler, shut the lid for a few minutes to preheat it, took the temp, let it go for an hour...
  10. Breuckelen

    Small space tempurature control

    I live and brew in Brooklyn, NY - it goes without saying space for anything is at a premium in NYC. The only place I can keep my carboys is in my windowless office in the middle of the apartment. The only problem? It's always 80ºF in here regardless of season or the temperature of the other...
  11. I

    Suggested cooler for aquarium heater fermentation

    Hi! Was hoping that maybe, just maybe, some would know, first-hand, if a 6.5 gallon glass carboy would work in one of those Igloo Ice Cube 62qt coolers. I also need an HLT and was thinking that would do the trick as well. Maybe someday, use it for keeping the carboy cool. Lid doesn't need to...
  12. lefty913

    Converted cooler mash tun question

    I just bought an generic 5 gal igloo container and converted it into a mash tun. I have been testing out the temperature control ability of this cooler by putting in a known volume of water at a specific temperature and letting it sit for an hour. To do so, I first add about 1 gal of 160...
  13. poley

    75qt Cooler for $30 -- good deal?

    (edited -- got confused between 75 can and 75 quart. i'm pretty sure it's 58qt, 75 can) Hi all, I found a 58qt coleman on sale for $30 tonight at Wal-Mart. It had the spigot on one end with a depression inside leading to the spigot hole. 1. Is this a decent style cooler to make a mash/lauter...
  14. runningweird

    Wanted 10 gallon round cooler

    looking for a ten gallon round cooler to turn into a mash tun. I live just above the Maryland border in a town called Greencastle, PA. Zipcode 17225. thanks, Ian