cold crashing

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  1. BryggAnton

    Conditioning in keg vs the fermentor

    Hi folks! Scroll to the bottom for the actual question. I'm planning on conditioning my extract high ABV stout. I believe i will gett 1000 different answers, but what's the basics? The brew has already been fermenting for 9 days to kind of the FG i was counting for. ABV 9.06%. It have been...
  2. W

    Cold Crashing & CO2

    Greetings, Typically I’ll dry hop in the keg or some kind of secondary fermenter. For scheduling reasons, I tossed the pellets into the primary and planned on just cold crashing to drop them out. To do so, I typically fill a balloon with some CO2 and attach to my standard blow-off tubing. It...
  3. Sunstone

    Stopping Fermentation

    Ive been brewing various mead's, melomel's, beer, cider and wine for a few years now. However, one thing still eludes me. Is there a legitimate way to cease fermentation (in mead/melomel) when the desired gravity and flavor is reached? I've cold crashed with metabisulfite, but as soon as the...
  4. TheFreeman

    Cold Crash followed by priming advice

    Hi Guys, So basically I am working on my 2nd batch. I have fermented a 12L batch at 19C for around 15 days. I have now cold crashed my beer for about 24hrs. I used the below website to calculate the priming sugar, but the paragraph in the link states that if cold crashing, less sugar should be...
  5. Simonh82

    Bunging the fermentation vessel to avoid oxidation during cold crashing

    Wasn't sure whether to add this to the equipment forum or fermentation/yeast but I guess it's primarily about my equipment so hopefully that's OK. After reading this article I've become concerned about the potential for oxygen pick up during cold crashing and wanted to get people's opinion's on...