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  1. Brettgvdp

    Room temp. vs fridge

    Hi all. This might be a stupid question, but I am new to brewing so I'd rather ask. I have bottled some Scottish Export and let in sit at room temperature for 4 days now. According to the instructions that came with, I must let it carbonate at room temp. for 4 days and then put it in the fridge...
  2. M

    Prolonged Cold Crash ... Is That Bad?

    I dropped the temp on my fermentation chamber to cold crash an Amber Ale on Friday afternoon. Dropped the temp to 1.5'C (~35'F). Normally it's like that for anywhere from 12-24 hrs and then I bottle. However, this time around life got in the way. It's now Tuesday and it's still sitting in cold...
  3. J

    Naturally carbonated Fermzilla at room temp.

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased a Fermzilla and I'm in the process of getting CO2 equipment (pressure kit, gas, lines, connectors, spunding valve, counterpressure bottle filler). The thing is, I don't have a fridge to cool down my Fermzilla and I'm concerned if I will be able to naturally...
  4. J

    Beer not carbonating in spite of same procedure

    hi guys, I’m new to this community so I hope this is the right place to ask a question. First off I wanna say that I’m a very methodical guy. I write down every detail of my brewing process. This time around, I made 4 different batches of which 2 I had made several times before and 2 were new...
  5. L

    Massachusetts FS: SS Brewtech Brite Tank 10 Gallon, like new - will ship

    I have a 10 gallon SS Brewtech Brite Tank for sale. Only 3 months old and hardly used. It's an awesome vessel that's worked perfectly. Doesn't have any issues, just need a bigger one so I'm selling this. Has a few very small surface scratches (see pics) but you have to look close to see them...
  6. snarf7

    Set and forget carbing and temp

    Since this is my first time doing it I was going to use the more time consuming but less error prone method of setting it to desired PSI and leaving it for 2 weeks to stabilize. I am using this chart for my calculations My question is, will minor temperature fluctuations have much effect? I...
  7. TNJake

    Kegging a Tripel: Naturally Carbonate?

    I have a tripel that is ready to be kegged/bottled, OG- 1.076, FG- 1.014. I was hoping to dry this out a bit more but it stuck here. I am thinking that I will need re-pitch a bit in order to naturally condition and I have some T58 that I could easily add to this. I am also thinking that I might...
  8. beervoid

    Natural carbonating kegs with CBC-1 or F-2 yeast

    Hello everyone, Can anyone tell me how long it takes for F-2 or CBC-1 to finish fermenting? I've put about 1-2 grams in a 5 gallon keg together with 60 grams of sugar in order to scavenge oxygen en naturally carbonate. I spunded but I saw very little pressure change (about 2psi in 24h)...
  9. S

    Carbonating Cider using keg tap

    Hi all, Noob here, so please be gentle :) I get my cider down to ~0.998, as I like it bone dry. I also prefer it super carbonated - almost like champagne. I have found that the back-sweetening/priming method is really inconsistent, and occasionally, real explody-like. I have a pass-thru...
  10. rondemay

    Carbonation Technique

    Well... I was wondering everyone's opinion... I naturally primed and kegged a batch of brew last night and accidentally cold crashed it. It was probably near 40-45 degrees for a short time, and sat at high 50's for most of the night. I moved it into it's final location this morning, where it...
  11. NorthCountyBrewing

    Missouri McCann's E4 Carbonator Pump w/soda pump

    McCann's E4 Carbonator Pump for sale.Used, still works perfect. Comes with one Coke style Bag-in-Box Soda pump. Free Shipping to Lower 48. $300 OBO. PayPal.
  12. Deckers_Beers

    Bottle conditioning - carbed but has green apple off-flavor?

    I have a fully-carbed pale that I bottled about 1.5 months ago, & the green apple taste is pretty strong, to the point that it's almost cider-y on the end. It fermented for a full 3 weeks, had a stable FG of ~1.010 for a week, & my sample at bottling time tasted amazing, so the green apple isn't...
  13. A

    Force Carbonating Bottles

    I would like to find some way to force carbonate bottles of beer rather than just a keg. I talked to my local beer making store and they said it would be nearly a 300 dollar investment to pull that off. Does anyone have any more cost effective ideas?
  14. B

    Cider filtering and force carbonation

    Hi Me Waffeling I have just finished drinking my cider mark III made using home grown apples and Graffs great recipe. Anyway of course the cider has always improved through the stages and this time I want to create a really grade cider where I don't have to have a few drinks first for...
  15. TheCrowsNest

    What went right?

    We kegged our first homebrew (a cream ale from Northern Brewer) last Tuesday. When I first tried it after we kegged it, the beer had a slightly off after taste. It didn't taste terrible for our first beer but it definitely didn't taste quite right - kind of inorganic/plasticky. I tried it...
  16. Ethos

    Carbonating juice in its original containers

    I just got into homebrewing and my first beer, a simple all grain APA, went into bottles last night. I don't have enough bottles to have two 5 gallon batches carbing at once, so I thought I would try doing a simple apple juice concoction in between batches. I went ahead and put 5 gallons of...
  17. Byrdbrewer

    priming methods bulk vrs by the bottle

    Cheers fellow home brewers. I am new to home brewing ( about a year or so ) and have always primed my bottles before bottling. I'm considering using the method of batch priming, adding the sugar solution to the bottling bucket and filling the bottles, mostly to save time and effort. My...