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  1. B

    Brewing Entrepreneurs - Darin Danelski

    When you hear the expression ‘Mad Scientist’, specific images come to mind. For me, it’s images from Disney movies - either in cartoon form or black & white movies. Although this image doesn’t match Darin Danelski’s appearance, as I toured around his work at U Brew U in Ocotomowoc, Wisconsin...
  2. B

    Building a New Brewing Room

    Where to start....We recently sold our house, and the buyer really liked the brewing system I had built, and so it ended up with the new homeowner. I had a two element, 30 amp PID RIMs system, and it worked really well, but I was already looking to upgrade, and go a little bigger. Now starts the...
  3. shayes2791

    Electric/Automated Brewery Dilemma

    Hi All, I have been scouring this forum as well as others trying to figure out what I want for a brewery. Many here have been through many iterations of their breweries. I want to avoid that for the most part as I tend to do that with every hobby (and started to do with this) and my wife gets...