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  1. B

    The Starting Gravity That Got Away

    I set out to recreate a strong ale that I brewed last year and fermented with a yeast of unknown origin. I salvaged the mystery yeast from the strong ale keg and made starters upon starters until finally getting enough viable cells to make a 2 gallon batch of pale ale. The plan was to keg the...
  2. verysupple

    Crystal Malts Reduce Fermentability: Fact or Fiction?

    We all know those topics that pop up time and time again on any home brewing forum. One of those topics is under-attenuation. Why didn't my beer attenuate? someone asks, followed by a string of replies asking how much crystal malt was used, after which ensues the explanation that the addition of...
  3. B

    Beer Math with Brett Shegogue

    As I mentioned in my Recipe Setup article, it is nice to utilize brewing software so you don't have to make complex calculations. While this is true, some of us would like to know the formulas behind those calculations. Knowledge of your formulas is useful for making adjustments on-the-fly, or...
  4. SmokeyRydr

    super slow, but steady, fermentation. why?

    what could cause super slow & steady fermentation? after 9 days I dropped from 1.064 to only 1.030. it's not stuck, just slow. what are the typical causes for this?
  5. S

    Repeated infections (need advice)

    So this may be a bit long but hopefully some of you can help me with this TLDR: Repeated infections (likely Brettanomyces) how do i troubleshoot in a public home brewery? Background: Im a relatively new brewer, made a few batches but im having a bit of a sanitation issue. I have access to a...
  6. beervoid

    Do higher mashing temps override lower mashing temps?

    Hello HBT, I've been wondering about this for a while. If I mashed 60 minutes at 145f for a high fermentable wort and after 60 minutes I decide to step up the temperature to 158f because I want a bigger body and leave that for 60 minutes. Does the higher temp cancel out the lower temp? Do...
  7. eugles

    Dumped last 6 batches of beer - Infected?

    My last 6 beers have been dumpers. I'm freakin bummed, but the bushes in my yard seem to be flourishing. A few months back I noticed a weird muddled sour-ish/tart taste in my fermenter sample. The beer was somewhat tart and not the neipa it was supposed to be. I brewed again and the same thing...
  8. Thehopman

    High Gravity Imperial Stout and low attenuation

    Hi there, I just brewed my first big double mash imperial stout. My OG was 1150, and after 2 months I am actually at 1050, so about 64% attenuation and 13% ABV (I was short on the yeast to be honest, long story but I brew with a friend on his gear and it was a last minute thing, we ended up...
  9. micraftbeer

    Multi-step Mash Profile Results

    I came across a mash profile in a write-up about Dusseldorf Alt that the author had been told was key to making a good Dusseldorf Alt. I used it with my recipe and the beer was great. I haven't ventured away from recipe or mash profile since. I started expanding the usage of that mash profile...
  10. L

    Jump Start fermentation after Cold Crash?

    Hello everyone, Looked on the forum and didn't find an answer specific to my question so forgive me if it is already answered somewhere. I made an Irish red with a full gravity of 1.06. and fermented at 65F. Started to cold crash at day 9 or 10, thinking everything was done, let it go for 2...
  11. dirtybear7

    Raising Temp on #3711 French Saison Yeast??

    I'm brewing an overly strong Saison style ale S.G. 1.091 using the yeast from an earlier 5gl batch of regular Saison. It seems to be moving along fine by the looks of things and is still bubbling away after seven days. The Fermentometer on the side of the carboy reads 74F-76F. Is there any...