Raising Temp on #3711 French Saison Yeast??

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Feb 28, 2010
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I'm brewing an overly strong Saison style ale S.G. 1.091 using the yeast from an earlier 5gl batch of regular Saison. It seems to be moving along fine by the looks of things and is still bubbling away after seven days. The Fermentometer on the side of the carboy reads 74F-76F. Is there any reason to turn on my Brewbelt? Will it help with attenuation. I'm looking for a high degree attenuation for a nice dry beer. Thanks in advance for any help.
My experience with that yeast is that it will attenuate fine at that temperature. My most recent batch with it went down to 1.006 at 68 degrees and had fantastic flavors. The 3711 works better at much lower temperatures when compared to the Belgian saison strains.
If that thing finishes as low as 3711 likes to, you're going to have a knock-ya-on-your-ass beer :mug:

I agree that you don't need to go nuts with heating up this strain. 70's are good to get some nice flavors out of the yeast and it should chug along fine.
It tastes better and better with age. It was hot at first, but is smoothing out nicely. I really like this yeast. I bottled it with the dregs of two Orval bottles. I'm not getting any real funk from it though. Next time I will just pitch a vial/pack or Brett at bottling, as I've had great results doing so.