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  1. frankvw

    Brewing with additional apha amylase - how much to use?

    Hi everyone, I'm experimenting with alpha amylase to increase the fermentability of malt extracts by breaking down some of the complex sugars and other hard-to-ferment components. So far I've managed to get a DME that otherwise won't go below 1.014 all the way down to 1.006 over the course of...
  2. xpacheco

    Cold Crash after amylase remedy?

    Hi, First, some background. I'm brewing a high gravity Belgium Triple. After three weeks in primary fermentation halted at 1.023. Beer was too sweet. To remedy this, I did the following: 1. Added US-05, moved to warm location after 24 hrs, no effect 2. Added amylase, after 24 hrs, air-lock...
  3. Bubbles2

    Question about Mash times, boil, alpha and beta amylase?

    Thanks for looking in.... I have been reading and cannot seem to find the answer in regards to the enzyme break down. Quote from BeerSmith's page: A low step temperature (146-150F/63-66 C) emphasizing beta amylase will therefore result in a more complete conversion to simple sugars, but will...