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  1. B

    Water chemistry additions for Vienna Lager

    I'm brewing a Vienna Lager and want to adjust my local water profile to suit the style. I've never used Bru'n Water (or any other water adjustment software). Looking for some help. Here's what I'm working with: -5 gallon batch -Simple grain bill with 5lbs of Pilsner and 5lbs of Vienna and some...
  2. nreed

    Will adding Gypsum improve the Hop character in my beers?

    Hi all. I'm just started drinking my 4th brew which was a SMaSH with Maris Otter and Mosaic. I'm really happy with the results after having to toss my 3rd batch for some really off-medinal flavours. A mix of building a fermentation chamber to keep my temps level and using camden tablets seems...
  3. davielovesgravy

    How and when to add extra fruit flavours to cider kits please?

    Hi all, I’ve got a couple of Magnum Strawberry cider kits to make that I picked up cheap but all the reviews say that there is hardly any strawberry taste at all, The taste is mainly grape. So I want to add some extra fruit flavour to it but I have no idea whatsoever how to go about this other...
  4. S

    Picobrew C Is it possible to add things while brewing

    I ordered the freestyle paks, and I though it would be fun to try and add things. Vanilla pods, fruit, citrus peels etc. Has anyone tried this?
  5. B

    When to add malt extract??

    Being a newcomer to extract brewing, I’ve been unsure on the topic of when to add malt extract during the boil... My friend and I are shooting to brew American style IPA, 12 litre boil size and 9 litre batch size, with light liquid malt extract. Is it best to add all the extract at the start of...
  6. I

    Staggard nutrient addtions and oxidation question

    I'm fairly new to brewing beer and now trying my hand at meads now. I've been doing a lot of reading here and elsewhere before I make my first batch. I want to try staggard yeast nutrient additions. When you add your staged nutrients with the last addition near the midway point in the...