Staggard nutrient addtions and oxidation question

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Feb 22, 2010
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Lynchburg, VA
I'm fairly new to brewing beer and now trying my hand at meads now. I've been doing a lot of reading here and elsewhere before I make my first batch. I want to try staggard yeast nutrient additions.

When you add your staged nutrients with the last addition near the midway point in the fermentation, do you areate the must? Will that not cause oxidation? This question is probably coming more from a lack of understanding around what is actually happening in the must which causes off flavors do to oxygen. At what point is adding O2 a bad thing? Does anyone know of some good resources that go into the science behind the reactions?

I appologize if this has been asked before. I've spent a good chunk of today reading and researching but I don't have a good comfort with this subject yet.

Thanks for all the help you folks provide!

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