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  1. TNJake

    Saison on leftover yeast from Belgian Tripel?

    So brewed a Belgian Tripel 2 weeks ago with a double smack pack of 3787. Temps were between 74 and 82 the whole time. OG was 1.065. This tripel reached 1.004 a couple of days ago and I thought, "hey, can I reuse this for a variation of my high grav saison? (8.5%) As I understand it, overpitching...
  2. TNJake

    Odd yeast flocculation

    I have a patersbier in the fermenter currently and it seems healthy but it looks odd enough that I am curious. The yeast dancing around has started to clump but it still circulating. So there are corn flake looking chunks about the size of a thumb churning around. The trub on the bottom is the...
  3. devils4ever

    Help (quick) with Wyeast 3787 yeast starter

    I've been brewing forever (decades) and never had this issue. I'm doing a Belgian Tripel tomorrow and made my starter this morning. I smacked my Wyeast 3787 yeast pack this morning and nothing seems to be happening. The pack is not swelling after 9+ hours. My LHBS is usually very good and keep...
  4. thisisxxmyIPA

    Help! Fermentation is stuck on Belgian Quad

    So.... my fermentation seems to be stuck for my Quad. I used Wyeast Trappist High Grav, and have since pitched dry champagne yeast to try to finish up fermentation. The champagne yeast has produced no krausen and seems to be going nowhere. Furthermore - The simple syrup that I started...
  5. bknifefight

    Stalled WYeast 3787. Suggestions?

    A few weeks ago I brewed up a Tripel with WYeast 3787. Here is my recipe: 9 lbs Extra Light DME 2 lbs Cane Sugar (I added it at the end of boil - no incremental feedings) 4 oz Saaz throughout Very simple recipe. I did a 1.75-2 liter starter on a stir plate as suggested by Mr Malty and...