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  1. rolomo

    Concerned about a fast ferment using Saflager W-34/70

    I'm experiencing a very fast fermentation using 34/70. I brewed a lite pilsner, 6 gallons net; pitched 3 packs of the yeast (I didn't have time to make a starter), and set the beer temp to an initial temp of 58f. After 24 hours I dropped the temp to 57. The next day, seeing the fermentation...
  2. W

    Saflager 34/70 Lingering Sulfur Issue

    After reading the Brülosophy experiment comparing S05 to 34/70, I decided to give 34/70 a shot. Recipe is an easy drinking smash beer of about 20 ibus, 5.5% abv, lightly hopped with mosaic. Fermented in the basement at room temp (about 65F ambient). I never rehydrate the yeast and it’s never...
  3. K

    W-34/70 Phenolic?

    I used 34/70 for a Pilsener (Pils, Vienna, Carafoam, Biscuit; Saaz and Pacific Jade) I brewed before Thanksgiving and am now getting a strong phenolic character in the beer. It was clean for several months, scored high 30s in a local competition, and had a nice lager character for that time. I...