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    Brew stores in Houston.

    Backyard Closed in 2016. There is a new store in Humble TX called The Grain Cellar
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    Stirplate for Carboys?

    The purpose I envisioned was not to aerate (that will be done in the beginning) but just keep the yeast in suspension. Maybe a 4" stirbar and a motor that travels slow enough to keep the wort moving and keep the yeast from flocculating, and possibly getting that last few points of FG. The size...
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    Stirplate for Carboys?

    Occasionally I will make a big beer (Above 1.060) for special occasions, family outings, or just for myself. Recently I made the third rendition of a Scotch Ale which came in at 1.109. My procedures during primary fermentation change a little for bigger beers in that I roust the yeast twice a...
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    Counter Flow Chiller vs Plate chiller

    Thanks for the info Cheers Preston
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    Counter Flow Chiller vs Plate chiller

    I currently use an Immersion chiller, but had some questions about the Counter flow Chiller. When using the counter flow chiller do you run the water opposite the way the wort is flowing. So the coldest portion of the water is hits the wort last? What do you think about using a combination...
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    Post pictures of stuff you have made (besides beer)

    I like it. I put down 940 hp on the chassis dyno with 1130 torque on 10lb boost with my toy. Unfortunately during an shake down high 8 second pass, it leaned out on the big end and broke the ring land on one of the pistons, So I pulled the engine and it is in paint right now while I Research...
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    Post pictures of stuff you have made (besides beer)

    Thats Very NICE! I like it! :rockin: Is that Dropped spindles I see? Do you know what kind of power it makes? Must be making some power, because you put some Go Fast Be safe stuff in there. (Refferencing the Scatter Shield). I like the rim combination are those Torque Thrust! Cheers! :mug...
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    Post pictures of stuff you have made (besides beer)

    Built this with my own two hands. Cheers Preston
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    12 Hour drive with fermenter!?

    Assuming the beer has finished fermenting, there could still be CO2 in the beer. Even if it is not carbed. This would gass off during the move creating a barrier over the beer. If at this point a cap was employed and not an airlock, there would be no problem. If an Airlock was put on, my only...
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    Scotch ale

    Brewed this last Sunday along with a Citrus Hefe. I hit all the temps dead on and it came in at 1.099. I took a SG reading after 1 week in primary, it is currently at 1.038. I am expecting around 1.028. I have roused the yeast twice a day for the last week, and plan on keeping the pace for...
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    Brew Tree vs RIMS vs HERM

    Other than Complexity of the system, What are the Pro's and Cons for Brew Tree vs RIMS vs HERM. I am leaning toward a Brew Tree because of the simplicity of it. But wanted to pose the question to the masses. If you list what you feel the pros and cons are, I will put a spreadsheet together with...
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