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  1. unionrdr

    What book is on your nightstand? Readers!

    I started collecting and reading Louis L'Amour and Zane Grey. I always liked cowboy stuff.
  2. unionrdr

    Remember when...

    Bazooka bubble gum and other old school candies are still available at B E Sweeties candy company on Brookpark Rd in Cleveland, OH. Got Halloween stuff there this year. Be prepared to pay for it, though. Including grape NEHI! I remember getting regular gas for 25c and cigs for 35c. Quart of...
  3. unionrdr

    Weidmanns Heil, Roger!

    Nice rifle! Reminds me a lot of the Winchester model 70 from the 40's.
  4. unionrdr

    Budweiser Repeal Reserve Amber Lager

    Nice color, good clarity, but too much caramel malt flavor in my estimation. And it only comes in a 6 pack that I ever saw?
  5. unionrdr

    What book is on your nightstand? Readers!

    I started writing a book about being afield to hunt, fish, and what it's been like to experience nature while doing so. Why those who don't should be more tolerant and try to understand. Then someone who, I guess, remembered my mentioning it, posted this on my Facebook home page...
  6. unionrdr

    What are you drinking now?

    I gotta do that long-overdue German Mumme gruit ale taste test. I got a ton of it sitting there, along with about half a case of Queen Anne's Revenge stout. I'll get some in the fridge and do the taster video on my Brewvision series in a few days. I've been getting rid of blood clots since a...
  7. unionrdr

    Samsung Galaxy S8

    Not too long ago, I bought two Galaxy J3's for Sharon and I, saved $100 each. got for only $79.99 each! Great phone for a first smartandroidIrobot whatever phone. Mine shuts off after the minute I set it for, even when charging. The Next radio thing is pretty good too. Earbuds are amazing...
  8. unionrdr

    Sunday Morning

    Well, I barbequed these for Easter dinner; Then uploaded another episode of my Airgun Shooter series to Youtube. Generally a quiet day.
  9. unionrdr

    What did I cook this weekend.....

    Yesterday I tried something different with Tilapia fillets. They came in a 2lb bag individually sealed in lil pouches. Dipped in egg wash and rolled in Italian seasoned bread crumbs. Then fried in a cast iron skillet over medium low heat for about 3 minutes per side. I also made up some...
  10. unionrdr

    Let's see your furry brew buddy!

    Our new " tuxedo cat" Sam. He's now some 9 months old and, according to my middles son, 10lbs! He's not fat, just looking to be a big cat!
  11. unionrdr

    ghetto brew setups?...

    Well, I had trouble with my password and the site not accepting it? Finally got that fixed. Since my last postings, I've gotten back into what are now called " adult air rifles". Bench rest shooting, ballistics chronographs, etc. Got my left hip replaced 5 weeks ago today and feeling better. But...
  12. unionrdr

    Mancave/brewpub almost complete!

    We recently got one of those electric fireplaces, but the wood isn't as dark. More like a walnut or something. Even the fire part is programmable. Big heavy thing too. My youngest son, the human tank, had to bring it in the house when it got delivered.
  13. unionrdr

    Sunday Morning

    Hey gang! It's been awhile, but Santa left me some goodies this year. With a half ham baked yesterday, stuffed 23lb turkey in the oven, we opened some gifts. Got these for the man cave-Tipton Gun Butler & Plano two scoped-gun carrying case for range days. Even got a microwave of my own! In...
  14. unionrdr

    Merry Christmas HBT!

    Hope everybody's having a Merry Christmas? Doing pretty good. Went to Dr Friday & got ultrasound/pressure test results. The two large, old blood clots in my left thigh finally dissolved! Left leg/hip feels better, but back & right leg, not so much. But, 1 outta 3 ain't too bad? Also, Santa left...
  15. unionrdr

    Anybody like Slot Cars?

    Man, is it rare to see people building home tracks anymore!? I still have my 1/24 & 1/25 scale big track race cars, controllers, pit box, armature timer, etc. Also, my Parma controller I built from a kit with multiple resistors, mosfets, 3 position resistance switch that acted like a 3-speed...