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    Explosive fermentation

    Update..... Fermentation is going great. Vigorously working and the blow off tube works like a charm. A had maybe 20.25 L. Before fermentation started and now i have 20 L. So i did lost a little but very happy. I will let you know the final quantity.
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    What did I cook this weekend.....

    I did some pizza but replaced 1/3 of flour with used grain from my Oktoberfest beer brew. It was not bad at all.
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    Explosive fermentation

    It's a 1/2 inch inside of the tube and yes its in Celsius
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    Explosive fermentation

    fermentation started. yha i know that i push it over the limit but i will give it a try for the last time with a blow off before i become reasonable lol. Temperature is 13 degrees and it will not go lower so it will be fine. somehow i dont know why i thought 13 degrees was the ideal...
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    Explosive fermentation

    Well i brew today and it's all in the fermenter now. I did a blow off... I will see in the few coming days if it works well 🤔. I lowered the temperature in my basement at 11 but not sure if the temperature will go down.... it's getting warmer outside....
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    Explosive fermentation

    All right guys i hear you.... Under pitch is a NO! NO! I will do a DIY blow off. Thank you for your feed back 👍
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    Explosive fermentation

    I have no choice to stick with the 13 degrees because i am lagering a rice beer and i only have 1 freezer with temperature control 🤣. But to me the easier would be to put half of my starter and put the rest few days later. But didn't got any advice on that subject yet. The OG should be around 1.046
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    Explosive fermentation

    Hello guys, I intend to brew a 5 gallons recipe of Oktoberfest this monday with a Munich Lallemand yeast. I have a 23L fermerter and i end up having about 19-20 Liters of worth but the fermentation is always explosive and the first 2 to 4 days the cap is ejected many times!! Lol I use an...
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    How do I make a "Sparkling Wine"?

    Your wine need to be completely finished fermenting first. Then you can calculate your priming pressure you want and add sugar accordingly. I was going to get some champagne bottles as well but at the end i just put it into coke and pepsi plastic bottles. It's less esthetic but works fine 😅
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    What I did for beer today

    Today i did a 5 gallo s batch of a citra blonde lager beer. Getting ready for the summer 😎
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    International Pale Lager Japanese Rice Lager

    I wanted to give update ... Started the fermentation 15th of 13 degrees. I used the 34/70 yeast. On the 6th of march i did a ez rest fermentation at 14 degrees. Why did i do a ez-rest? Honestly i had some neck problem and didn't feel lifting 21 liters if beer lol. So for me that was...
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    Food Processor for Crushing Grapes, then Carboy Everything

    The seeds if they are crushed they will give bitterness to the wine. I usually break the skin and leave it between 8 to 14 days. The skin will give color and develop tanin in your wine for some type if grape. But if the skin is blended and still in the primary fermentation i dont know what will...
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    First time this too cloudy?

    Hooo sorry about that... Didn't notice it was a Kombucha post 😅
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    First time this too cloudy?

    It's hard to say... What recipe did you do? At 6 days fermenting it's usually not clear. PH 4, for beer it's low. Usually betwwen 5.2 and 5.6 i think. Unless it's not beer.... Give more info :)
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    How Many Gallons Brewed In 2021

    5 gallons of rice beer and 5 gallons of white Belgian beer so.. 743