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  1. Tony

    You're no longer a n00b when...

    166. Making a starter consists of a 5 gallon carboy and a stir plate the size of a suitcase.
  2. Tony

    Alternative Grain Beer Dark Lane Hoppin Rye Stout

    10 lbs. American 2-row 4 lbs. Chocolate Rye Malt .75 lbs. Crystal Malt 60°L .25 lbs. American Black Patent 1 lbs. Rye Flaked 1 lbs. Oats Flaked 1 oz. Columbus (Whole, 15.00 %AA) boiled 60 min. 1 oz. Centennial (Whole, 10.00 %AA) boiled 30 min. 1 oz. Columbus (Whole, 15.00 %AA) boiled 1...
  3. Tony

    Chest Freezer Kegerator Conversion Project

    Hey Bobby, excellent job on both the kegerator and the videos. I like how you talked about a step, then showed the finished step, without showing things like cutting the inner plastic lid, stapling the seal etc...
  4. Tony

    Let's talk beer glasses...

    Same here...where are they listed on the BevMo site? I didnt see them?
  5. Tony

    IGLOO Ice Cube Maxcold 70 Qt Roller

    Just chiming in with my own experiences...I have Brewmometers on my kettles, and could see how thay wouldnt do a good job in a mash tun. Definately way too short. I use 60qt Ice Cubes without wheels for my mash tuns, and love them. I have long stemmed thermometers fitted on both through the side...
  6. Tony

    Midwest Supplies woes

    No need to repeat here, as I got your point easily. Im glad you didnt get hurt, thats the main thing, and that Midwest is cool as usual. It sucks when you get bad luck like that with products going weird on you, and being defective like that. Murphy's Law sucks! So much of brewing is in the...
  7. Tony

    Flying to St. Louis next week to meet with Anheuser Busch

    Yeah, tell them to actually add the hops to their beers and stop their just showing pictures of hops to their beers! Good luck, and keep us posted.:mug:
  8. Tony

    WTF: Help me understand this recent cultural phenomena

    Well said!!!! I hate that $hit as well. And since we are on the topic of bikes... WTF is up with a$$holes walking around with their chaps, vests, leather shirts on...IN THE FRIGGIN SUMMER TIME?!?!?!?!? You wear that stuff to protect you on the road...not to walk around a rally or show...
  9. Tony

    Do I need to dump this batch?

    Well said!
  10. Tony

    "Oxygen transmissiblity of Plastic"

    Use glass!!!! ::runs out of the thread:::D
  11. Tony

    Help! Cardinal Red Ale

    Melanoidin Malt.
  12. Tony

    whole hops vs pellets...

    Pellets for bittering, and whole hops/plugs for the rest.:mug:
  13. Tony

    AG Belgian Chocolate Irish Oatmeal Wheatie Stout

    Here's a good article for ya on Brewing with chocolate
  14. Tony

    Pot Size

    18 1/2 gallon pot? LOL, you might be able to brew with that one!:D
  15. Tony

    Iconoclast Brewing

    I like the idea, but every time I try to say it, I wanna say "Iconoblast" instead ...LOL. I like the look of the label!