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    Spike Conical- observations and best practices

    Yes, otherwise my samples tend to pull in whatever is on the cone near the port or has collected in the port area.
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    Spike Conical- observations and best practices

    OK, I'm on the side of not doing this and instead going for the O2 tank and regulator that Golddiggie suggests. I haven't done it, but what I think I'd do is this: I'd want to know how much air per minute comes out of the carb stone. (Maybe time a balloon fill for 30sec or a minute? Got any...
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    Stainless CFC Choices

    I have a SS Exchilerator, maybe an early version, and it works well for me. Depending on tap water temp, I sometimes do an initial cooling with tap water and then switch to prechilling the tap water with ice and my old copper IC. My batch size is 10 gallons.
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    Discouraging First Keg Experience

    Yeah, I decided to worry about this little bubble and my solution was to add some metabisulfite to the Starsan solution. That helps eliminate the chloramine in the water used to mix the Starsan as well as the remaining oxygen. Is anyone else doing this? Or is there a reason I should stop doing...
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    Spike Conical- observations and best practices

    I think I've seen pros and cons on both sides of this pitching before or after oxygenating. I've recently been siding on "pitch then oxygenate" with the idea that the yeast starts consuming the oxygen immediately. Wondering if you have more information on the benefit of oxygenating first.
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    Pump recomendation for kegging?

    ^^^ I also have nitrogen and typically use that to save on CO2, but same principle.
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    Recirculating hops in conical fermenter

    I push CO2 into the bottom port 2x per day with some success. I could easily do 3x per day. My practice is to push 2-3 second bursts at 20psi until fermenter reaches 15psi, then let spunding valve bring it back to about 8 psi. Does recirculating provide that much of an advantage?
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    Witbier Spices

    Witbier is the one style my wife enjoys, so I make it from time to time. But the last time was 3 yrs ago now (local grocery stocks Hoegaarden), so checked my notes: For 5.75G in the BK, I used 0.25 oz of this: Morton and Bassett Coriander. This brand is generally of good quality (fresh/strong)...
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    Spike Conical- observations and best practices

    For dry-hopping, I've had pretty good results using a 2" valve on top of a 2" to 1.5" reducer on the top of the fermenter. I then stack a 2" sight glass and another reducer to get back to 1/5". I have a 10" spool on top of that for larger hop doses. I think I got ~8oz of hops in there on my last...
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    I've had my Max2 for about 6 months now and have good results with the glycol temp about 10*C below CF-10 fermenter temp. (30% glycol.) When the temps are too close, the pumps run for too long. More than 6-10*C difference and the compressor is running longer than needed. This is my first summer...
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    Has anyone thought about replacing the cooling fan? As others have noted, the cooling fan is a bit noisy and it doesn't seem to move a lot of air. I'm facing summer heat here in the Sacramento area (forecast for Thursday is 113*F) so I'm expecting that keeping 2 fermenters cold might take a bit...
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    Pliny the Elder

    Replacing Columbus with Warrior is intriguing. What made you think of that change?
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    Dry Hopping Cold

    I tried the cool+short dry hopping recently and this one time resulted in very poor dry-hopping. I did this in my conical and theorize that the hops went straight to the bottom. I'm going to try again, but next time "burp" (agitate with CO2) from the bottom to get everything back into...
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    Venturing into pressure fermenting

    I recently started with fermentation under pressure and found this thread to have useful information: Closed-system pressurized fermentation technique!. I've found that pressure slows the yeast down, including during the "diacetyl rest" phase. After a butter bomb using my previous practice, I do...
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    Fermzilla conical/dump valve questions

    I have a fermzilla that I've used for a few brews and I wouldn't consider that bottom valve as a dump valve. To me, it's more like a "close the bottom so I can swap out the jar" valve. Some people are able to put their dry hops in that bottom jar after removing the accumulated trub and yeast...