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    Has anyone grown Neomexicana hops?

    Agreed. I've been looking as well with no luck. I'd be more than willing to pay someone for shipping via PayPal to mail me a rhizome.
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    Ultra Barrier Silver Beer Hose Giveaway from!

    In it to win! Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    Ultra Barrier Silver Beer Hose Giveaway from!

    I'm in! Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    SS Brewing Technologies "That's a ton of Stuff!" Giveaway

    I'm in! Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    Lambic Bottling

    Hello all! I brewed a kit from Northern Brewer, Dawson's Kriek, back in September of 2012. I'm wanting to bottle it up now in regular crown cap bottles. My question is, do I need to add fresh yeast, or will the residual yeast/bugs from the 3278 Lambic blend be sufficient? Thanks Russ Sent...
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    Plastic Primary leaking air, question

    Sanitize the carboy, sanitize the siphoning equipment, and you'll be fine. The increases risk of infection is only an increase if you have poor practices.
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    Reusing Yeast

    I've repitched onto a cake before and had good success, I've also washed the yeast slurry and had good success. There is a ton of info out there on the topic. Try doing a Google search for "yeast washing" you'll come up with a plethora of info. The yeast that I washed, I divided into three...
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    Brew Ideas

    Thanks for the ideas. I think I'm leaning towards a barley wine maybe. Although I didn't even think about the long term lagering option. I do have a dedicated chest freezer with a controller... And the possibilities multiply..... Thanks Russ
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    Brew Ideas

    I'm looking for some long-term beer ideas. I'm going to be leaving for Afghanistan right after Christmas and won't be home until late next summer. I'm looking for a brew that I could do Thanksgiving time with my dad, and basically forget about it until I come back. I already have a Kriek that...
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    West Omaha here and I would love to find some brewers around me. Anyone out past 168th?
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    Remote Hop Growing

    Planting a fall rhizome, would that be a bad idea in Nebraska where the temp starts to drop rapidly about Novemberish?
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    Remote Hop Growing

    So, for years I've wanted to grow hops. Due to deployments/work/life I have put it off year after year. This past year the wife and I moved into a home that is perfectly set up for hop growing, without a big trellis system (that the wife feared.) Our deck's top rail sits about 15~ feet off...