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    Scottish Wee Heavy Gone Bad.

    I made a Scottish Wee Heavy and it tasted great un-carbonated. I was very excited about it as it tasted so great un carbonated I could hardly wait. Anyways I have been brewing now for right about 2 years exactly. I have made maybe 2 or 3 dozen batches since then and I have never made a bad...
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    Hops Direct US Goldings

    Cuz them is the pellets and I wanted whole :(
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    Hops Direct US Goldings

    Hello, I was wondering. Hops direct is kind of hard to beat on pricing + they give ya extra. Anyways. The US Goldings selection. Can I expect this to be very similiar to Styrian Goldings? I make Belgian ales and dont want to buy some useless hops. I thought I had heard they are not the...
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    Homebrew and money

    I definitely brew to save money. I know some here say they break even. That may be because of the beer they drink. I have been pretty set on Belgians for the last few years. I dont see me abandoning my tastes anytime soon. Anyways. A 8 or 9% Belgian bottle is usually sold in 750 ml and range...
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    When did you switch from kits to recipes?

    I did a kit and then started doing recipes and now I buy in bulk. I did 1 kit, then A couple of recipes buying only the ingredients at the brew store. Now I buy bulk ingredients to stretch my dollar. I can do 8 - 9 ABV Belgian brews for right around $40 a pop.
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    Belgians - Hot conditioning

    I have noticed alot faster carbonation in my bottles if I keep the bottles warmer.
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    stretching your dollar, yeast question.

    thanks for all the replies folks. Appreciate it. ST
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    stretching your dollar, yeast question.

    Hell it wouldnt be the first time I was wrong.. lol :tank: Ok Conpewter you just freeze a small sample? In what? Thanks for any insight.
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    stretching your dollar, yeast question.

    I think it was Deathbrewer or maybe someone else that said washing High Gravity brews yeast will not work well because it would impart strong off flavors in the next batch. So you guys think that a 48 hour starter split in two would be enough yeast for my pitch? Further, how would be the...
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    stretching your dollar, yeast question.

    Ok i use the Wyeast smack pack. Additionally I have been making starters. I make High Gravity beers, Trippels and Dubbels so yeast washing doesnt seem to be an option or so I have been told here in subsequent threads. My question is this. The Wyeast smack pack supposedly has 100 billion...
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    I kinda messed up.

    Roughly same recipe you and I have been working on from our post awhile back. Man I love that Ardennes yeast you recommended. I use it exclusively for my dark and the Trappist for my Tripple.
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    I kinda messed up.

    Silly me. Im brewing another Strong Dark Belgian. Anyways I got everything layed out and for whatever reason Im into the batch sparge process and realize.. Hey that isnt very dark. I forgot the caramunich. Do you think it will be ok to get my finished product into my carboy and tomorrow...
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    secondary fermenter yeast

    cool! Thanky Yankee!
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    secondary fermenter yeast

    Do you think its ok to use the trub/yeast as a starter for my new batch? Its an Ardennese yeast from secondaryfermenter. there is about 1/2 inch of trub on the bottom. Would this be enough yeast to do it?
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    Perpetual Yeast method.

    Great advice here.. Thanks guys.