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    Sluggish fermentation with Omega 004/West Coast yeast?

    1.103 or 1.013? I'd give it two weeks in primary then check the gravity. Secondary is totally unnecessary.
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    No-Boil Recipes! New for 2019!

    I havent done an official ESB no-boil yet, but have done an ordinary bitter. I'm a terrible note taker, but as near as I can recall: 2 gallons 1 lb golden light dme .75 lb wheat dome 12 ozs maris otter pale ale malt 3 ozs crystal 80 malt 1 oz pale chocolate malt 1.25 ozs EKGs .25 oz mittlefruh...
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    Sluggish fermentation with Omega 004/West Coast yeast?

    What's the final gravity?
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    First high gravity beer

  5. Steveruch

    Pennsylvania Hop growing

    Anyone growing hops in the vicinity of Pittsburgh?
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    Pennsylvania Western Pennsylvania water

    Good information.
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    What's your favorite Homebrewing magazine?

    I get BYO and Zymurgy. If I had to pick one I'd go with Zymurgy (I'm a regular contributor to Zymurgy).
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    Single stage fermentation?

    Over the summer I brewed a wild blackberry wheat beer and added the blackberries in the primary; it came out good.
  9. Steveruch

    Cider help- what yeast

    The last cider I brewed used S-189 at 55f. It turned out pretty good.
  10. Steveruch

    Last of old mead

    My wife and I live in an old school bus; space is very limited.
  11. Steveruch

    Last of old mead

    Nope; don't have the room right now.
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    Last of old mead

    Both good, but I did prefer the cherry.
  13. Steveruch

    Yeast pitching temperature

    10-15 minutes is too short a time to have any effect.
  14. Steveruch

    Last of old mead

    Both were 18%.
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    Pennsylvania Western Pennsylvania water

    What is the water like in the Pittsburgh area? Hard? Soft? In between? Chlorine or chloramine?