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    Results from juice, yeast and sugar experiments

    I just split a batch of scrumpy into 3 carboys & fermented with different yeasts at ambient temperature of 13ºC. Wyeast 2565 - fermented quickly, tastes "rough" when crashed at 1.010. Will probably have to bulk age or blend to make it palatable. Safale S-04 - solid ferment, tastes quite nice...
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    WLP570 Belgian Golden Ale

    Currently having a beyotch of a time trying to get this one to floc out. Cold crashing got it to stratify a bit, but the only "clear" part of the beer after more than a week at 4ºC is the top 2 inches. Not sure what happened here...
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    Corona Mill Users -Evaluate my 1st Crush

    A different perspective: the water I brew with is highly alkaline and crushing looser seems to have helped me avoid excess tannic character in my beers. If the OP is in a high-pH area I'd say stay where you are (his crush looks a lot like mine and although efficiency is lower flavor is good) but...
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    Special-B in cider?

    I love Special B and I love cider - I'll be trying this when the neighbourhood apples are ready! Thanks for the idea.
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    Mixed-Style Beer Orange Kolsch (AG/EX)

    OK, brewing this on Saturday. SWMBO and I are both excited about it. Planning to use Wyeast 2565 (for flavour it blows 1056 away in my books and I have a full pipeline so I don't mind the extra waiting for it to finish & clear). One question, though: I have a bunch of Sorachi Ace hops that I'm...
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    Berliner Scheisse

    V. funny thread title. Time heals most beers.
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    My son tossed a lego in the beer is it done?

    There goes your Reinheitsgebot rating.
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    Mixed-Style Beer Orange Kolsch (AG/EX)

    I can't get honey malt locally at the moment. Is there anything I can substitute?
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    1028 London or 1056 American for a Porter...

    I've recently taken to splitting my batches in half and fermenting with two different yeasts under identical conditions. When I get home on Monday night the first such batch (a porter split between 1028 and 1084) should be carbonated & ready for tasting. Costs more for the yeast but negates...
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    Dry hopping at bottling?

    A "resinous grassy flavour" after "a week or two" of dry-hopping sounds like you've just got too much contact time. Try more hops for three or so days instead of fewer hops for longer. That said, I like the Randall idea.
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    Funky Imperial Stout?

    Jolly Pumpkin makes a fairly robust sour stout called Madrugada Obscura. To my palate the sour didn't work so well with the bitterness, but YMMV.
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    Why I have the best SWMBO ever!

    Does she have a sister?
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    Missed Crannóg rhizome pre-order! Where to get hop rhizomes in Canada?

    Title says it all. I'll order from the US in a pinch (Hops Direct won't ship outside the Lower 48, drat!) but would prefer a domestic supplier. Anyone know one?
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    Bottle conditioning/carbonation at too warm temperature causes yeast to stall out?

    OK, thanks for the responses. Two other things I'd forgotten: 1) The yeast I used was old-ish and sluggish: the last of a batch of Wyeast 1099 my LHBS had lying around while they were waiting on a fresh order. Smack pack didn't inflate the morning of brew day, did a starter mid-day which...