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    Coupling nut for standard beer shank

    Hi All, I have been trying to get my nitro setup up and running but for the life of me I cannot figure out which coupling nut I need for my faucet and shank. Any help as to where I can buy it is also helpful. Beer Shank - Chrome Plated 3" x 3/16" bore × 1
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    Yeast Washing from a Sour - Reuse in a Non-Sour

    If you kettle soured then definitely.
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    Slow fermentation activity in yeast starter

    I started a yeast starter early in the week, I believe it was on Tuesday. There did not seem to be any activity as of yesterday. Much to my dismay my yeast starter had barely nudged from the starting gravity. It was a typical starter of 100 grams dry extract to 1 liter of water for roughly 40...
  4. sborz22

    Gallons of Hops? Determining weight of whole leaf hops...

    First off, Go Tigers! Second, I am assuming its Clemson. If so SAVE ME SOME HOPS! I’ll be at Clemson in a few weeks for work.
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    Virginia Nitro Setup

    Sounds good. I am ready to buy this! Can you message me so we can exchange info and payment info.
  6. sborz22

    Virginia Nitro Setup

    Sorry for the late reply as well I am working out of the country until next week. Do you know the brand of the perlick and the faucet?
  7. sborz22

    Virginia Nitro Setup

    If you are willing to ship if no one bites locally let me know because I am in the market for this kind of setup but I’m about a 5 hr drive from ya!
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    Preferred Method of Sparging for BIAB

    I do a sort of hybrid biab and just last night my efficiency was about 77%. I put the grain in the mash tun without the bag. After the mash is done I will put a bag over my kettle and fire up the burner and slowly start pouring in the water/grain into the kettle. This completely separates the...
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    Mexican Cake clone info - directly from Westbrook Brewery

    UPDATE: Added my non-grain additions to the fermenter today. I took a gravity sample and was shocked to see that I hit 80 percent attenuation. Although this makes me wonder if my hydrometer is off at all I still think the beer is at 9-10 percent due to one reason- my taste. I know its a young...
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    Mash hops and no boil for some hazy sessionable beers?

    He’s a fun channel to watch. He tries a lot of strange things.
  11. sborz22

    My new and improved BIAB setup

    When I started brewing about a year and a half ago I did not consider the shape of my mash tun when I was buying one. In fact, once my grain arrived I rushed to Wal-Mart to buy any cooler I could find that would work. So I grabbed a rectangular cooler and I was on my way. At this point, I was...
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    Mexican Cake clone info - directly from Westbrook Brewery

    I brewed a clone of this last night and this will be my first attempt at such a large beer as well as my first attempt at any sort of real aging. My malt bill was: 14lbs 2 row 1.5 lbs chocolate malt 1 lb Caramel 120 1 lb Flaked Oats 2 lbs corn sugar directly into fermenter I used Warrior...
  13. sborz22

    My first infected batch

    My guess, and this is mostly a guess, would be perhaps there is a nasty in there but because you cooled it past their range for being active maybe you inhibited further growth? Again, just a thought!
  14. sborz22


    I have considered doing a LoDo beer and from what I have read is that adding O2 on the hotside does not create a bad beer but rather a slightly different beer. As Mongoose has said, it may mute the maltiness but it won’t create the cardboardy taste that is attributed to post ferm oxidation.
  15. sborz22

    Why are homebrew people SO cheap??

    Idk, I feel like calling anybody with a hobby “cheap” is kind of oxymoronic. A hobby is something that you spend your time and money on for your own gratification and nothing more. Of course, there are some people who comment on ways to cut costs and do things cheaper but I look at those as...