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    Ft:fresh Heady ISO:fresh Gandhi Bot

    Interested in trading for some hopslam? Sent from my iPad using Home Brew
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    San Francisco lager yeast question

    I pitched 2 vials into the starter.
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    San Francisco lager yeast question

    I really am just looking for a crisp Lager flavor, I'm not interested in a steam beer. I've already make a 2 L starter, I will give it a shot and hope for the best, thanks!
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    San Francisco lager yeast question

    Anyone had good results with this yeast at lager temps? It was the only liquid yeast my LHBS had and I'm suspect after reading mixed reviews, I'm making a Vienna lager. Thanks!
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    Winter Seasonal Beer Great Lakes Christmas Ale Clone

    I actually cut down the ginger a bit and put it in a bag, didn't transfer it to the primary- turned out to be just enough for me
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    2013 Hop garden photo thread

    Mine smelled great before drying, now they aren't as strong... Anyone else experience this?
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    Oatmeal Stout Yooper's Oatmeal Stout

    All I have is California ale and english ale yeast, any preference for this beer?
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    Vienna Lager Eliot Ness Vienna Lager Clone

    It's very good, would recommend !
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    2013 Hop garden photo thread

    So some of my cascade are ready to be harvested and dried. The tips started to brown, then felt papery. I dried them using a dehydrator but they still have more of a "flowery" smell than a hop smell any thoughts? Here is a picture after drying
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    2013 Hop garden photo thread

    Already have tons of cones, should i expect an early harvest?