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    bottling vs. another week on yeast cake?

    Racking now won’t hurt it. Seems like it’s pretty much done fermenting. You may see a .01 drop in gravity but I would guess most likely not. I personally would bottle now to make sure you can get the perfect amount of carbonation in case you have to let it sit longer than expected but still 4...
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    First batch fermenting

    I read one of your posts saying it’s hot and humid and you don’t have a great place to store it to keep cool. My recommendation with these circumstances would be to use Safale-US05 yeast. It’s extremely common, doesn’t need a starter (just dump it in your wort when it’s room temperature) and...
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    Brewferm hop sensation feedback

    Amazon sells citra pellets by the pound. Saves a lot of money in the long run
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    Hot weather coming and I just bottled

    Thanks for the advice all!
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    Hot weather coming and I just bottled

    Temperature is going to be in the 90s this week and I just bottled. Any advice on how to keep the bottles around 60-70 degrees?
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    Dealing with no temp control.

    US-05 is super forgiving with temperature and acts quickly
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    Beer becomes more bitter

    Maybe it's depending on how much sediment I have in each bottle. Does US-05 have a dry/bitter taste to it possibly?
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    Beer becomes more bitter

    I am bottling and mash at 153. My yeast is Safale-US05. Maybe for my next beer I’ll just pour half into a glass and drink it and compare to the other half to see if it could have something to do with sediment at the bottom. It’s definitely not like a sour flavor like it could be spoiled and not...
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    Beer becomes more bitter

    So this is consistently happening on my batches and driving me nuts. I'll put my beer in the fridge, try it that night and it tastes great. Next night, still tastes great. However, after about a week or so the beer tastes significantly more bitter than previously... What in the world could be...
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    Wedding IPA Recipe Critique

    What was your Original Grabity?
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    Batch Sparging. What's your efficiency?

    I have been brewing for a few years and now really trying to be as efficient and consistent in my brewing as possible. With that said, I do batch sparging by rinsing the grains once, and during the mash have my water way above my grain bed (I am now aware that I only want my water to be a couple...
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    Wedding IPA Recipe Critique

    How do you go about controlling your temperature for fermentation? I just always put mine in my cabinet under the counter and let it do it’s thing.
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    Wedding IPA Recipe Critique

    How didn’t you go about controlling the temperature? Wrapping the racking cane means to buy a hop bag around the bottom of your siphon so you don’t have to worry about hops clogging it. If you dry hop in bags and not freely on the beer you’ll be fine but if you drop them in freely definitely...
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    Wedding IPA Recipe Critique

    Right on. You’ll get some nice aroma with all the dry hop addition.
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    Wedding IPA Recipe Critique

    What was the final recipe you went with?